A spokesperson for the popular blog site Reddit revealed that in June the company’s systems were compromised when a hacker broke into them and gained access to confidential user account information, source codes, and internal files “all from Reddit data from 2007 and before.” The hacker was able to gain access to this information by intercepting two-factor verification text messages used by some Reddit employees, so what does this mean for users of Reddit? The report states that among the information gained by the hacker was Reddit’s 2007 database backup, which means that if you were using the website at this time then your account information could be compromised and it is recommended that, “Everyone should probably change their passwords.” In a world where hacking is becoming an increasing issue how do we prevent our account information from being compromised? By using two-factor authentication apps or keys rather then phone numbers for any account one might have, users decrease the chances of their personal information being exposed. You can learn more about the Reddit hacking sandal by reading the article below.