Industry Specialties

Whether you are a business, medical practice, or an organization looking for an outsider’s informed perspective, there is something we can do for you. We offer the best in business IT support, managed services, remote access solutions, new system & equipment sales, VoIP telephony solutions, and more.

We are honored to routinely service those who design, build, and test. From prominent architects to aerospace engineers, we know it is our duty to give you the tools you need to succeed. Our premium hand-built production workstations are designed to tackle industry-leading 2D, 3D, and CFD software suites with ease. All while providing a degree of reliability and service life superior to big name systems.

It’s also our duty to keep you connected. While a traditional office network usually suits the needs at home base, we offer an array of both locally and cloud-hosted remote access solutions for remote employees. More often than not, in this industry talent can be spread across different states, and even countries. Remote and travelling staff & consultants are given a platform to collaborate with the home office, access license servers for pricey design software, and more.

From private K-12 to large university settings, we can manage your IT efficiently and responsibly. Sometimes an institution employs a resident IT staff and simply needs help managing and supporting infrastructure. In other cases, full comprehensive backbone, maintenance, and help-desk support is what’s needed.

Through a combination of remote and on-site support, we are able to do what’s needed to keep your IT systems running well. Our hybrid VoIP phone systems also work great and cut costs for academic organizations of any size. Most organizations are also eligible for discounted overall rates.

Properly supporting the technology needs of health care providers requires the mastery of many moving parts. Providing the tools necessary to efficiently run a bustling practice while properly securing your network and patient data is a very delicate balance. Our staff receives medical and dental-specific training in addition to their general technology training. Many are certified in HIPAA compliance for IT.

Our client base includes family physicians, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, dentists, oral surgeons, pharmacies, and even hospitals. Familiar with most practice management software suites and x-ray interface equipment, we know how to fight for our clients when they get the run-around from other providers.

Whether starting from scratch or picking up where others left off, health care professionals can rest assured they are in good hands. Our knowledge, experience, response times, and professional, compassionate style of assistance are second to none, and will model the same care you’re used to giving to your patients.

Servicing the energy and manufacturing sectors was a large part of how we got our start, so we’re quite familiar with their needs. Whether it’s bridging multiple facilities, repairs, office help desk support, or new equipment setups, you can count on us to deliver. We know downtime is the enemy of busy industry, so our implementations carry a degree of reliability and redundancy that is second to none.

We’re also fully trained and equipped when it comes to handling & safeguarding confidential material. Our premium hand-built production workstations are designed to tackle industry-leading industrial management suites with ease. All while providing a degree of reliability and service life superior to big-name systems.

We are proud to supply and support the technology for numerous law offices, as well as financial & insurance brokerages. Properly supporting these firms requires experience, discretion, and careful attention to detail.

Entrusted by some of the area’s highest profile clients, we are fully trained and equipped when it comes to handling & safeguarding confidential material. When our model of technology management is properly employed, clients can rest assured everything in our power is being done to properly safeguard their data from breaches and total loss. We’re also familiar with most popular corporate and government regulatory compliance measures, so consider us an expert resource whenever you need help.

Hotels, resorts, country clubs, and restaurants have some very unique technology needs. They also tend to have more moving parts and software packages per organization than any other industry.

Thankfully, Top Notch is ready for the challenge—we are quite familiar with hotel management suites, POS software for F&B outlets, and CRM/sales software. We’re also familiar with the server and cloud platforms on which they run. VoIP phone setups and guest WiFi systems are also specialties of ours, so by using us you can avoid costly bills to multiple providers.

There are obviously many types of nonprofit and government organizations. But certain elements are present across the entire spectrum; for example, the difficult judgment calls that must be made providing clients the tools they need to do their job while staying within budget. Wouldn’t it be nice to have enterprise-level information systems that are scalable, reliable, secure, and supported locally by some of the best talent in the region?

We’re here to help your cause—that’s why qualifying organizations are eligible for a 10% labor discount.

It’s our duty to keep you connected.
Christian Argie, Top Notch