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We Are Top Notch Computers.

We provide premium computer support to home users and businesses in central Virginia. When our customers have a problem, a need, or a question, they call us. Here, you will receive professional, personalized service that the big guys just can't match. We are conveniently located in central Charlottesville, less than one block from the Downtown Mall. On-site services & house calls are also available. Please feel free to browse our site or contact us to learn more!

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Christian Argie is the founder and owner of TNC Systems in Charlottesville.

Hear From Our Customers

  • I wish I had known about Top Notch years ago. I have probably spent over $1,000 that didn't need spent, and junked 2-3 computers that didn't need junked.

    Tammy Baines
  • In the ever changing, mind boggling, pocket emptying world of computer repair & computer design, there is one company who stands out for their devotion, intelligence, kindness & downright genius: Top Notch Computers & Christian Argie. I consider Christian a great friend, & extremely honorable & generous person.

    Ken Wyner, Kenneth M. Wyner Photography Inc.
  • I highly recommend TNC and Christian for anyone who has computer needs. FORGET overpaying for services that most likely will not work, I prefer to keep my business local, friendly and dependable!

    Benjamin Bower

Some of Our Most Popular Services:

TNC specializes in virus and spyware removal Virus/Spyware Removal

Unlike most retail stores and computer shops, we are almost always able to eradicate difficult malware infections without having to reformat your computer.

Computer Diagnostics & Repairs

If your computer has problems and is 8 years old or less, don't throw it away until we've taken a look. We can probably fix it for far less than the cost of a comparable new one.

Data Recovery & Transfer

Dead computer or hard drive? Did you accidentally delete a file or folder? We can save your data! Also, we can help move your data from an old computer to a new one, PC or Mac.

Networking & Printing Solutions

Design, implementation, and troubleshooting of home and office networks. Having Internet connectivity or Email issues? Want to go wireless inside your home? Look no further!